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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

To Kill A Grammatical Word

Murder the prepositions
Every noun in town
A pronoun strolling on the streets wearing a negligee,
At times in a gown
The moment I neglect her, she frowns

I often kill a grammatical word
Resulting in raised eyebrows and grins
As if I have committed the gravest of sins
Silly I take out my notebook and pen down
My thoughts, they are fearless
But they fear to come out
and meet the beloved paper
Because I might kill some rules here and some there

Mammoth you rest on my table
My Chicago Manual of Style
I look at you
Thoughts wander, am I boiling in bile?
The tiny font in you will teach me
To save the day
How to take the words and play
Once I master the art
I will start from the start
Prepositions, nouns, pronouns and others
Will become my lovers
And no one will be murdered.


  1. You had fun with this! Personally, I wouldn't hurt a word - the tools of our trade.

  2. ha ha... yes I did... even I don't wish to hurt any... :)

  3. I enjoyed this very much. I especially liked the part about your thoughts being fearless, and yet fearing to come out "and meet the beloved paper". And the pronoun in a negligee - fun!


    1. Thanks a lot Richard.. pronoun is a beautiful lady..

  4. this one is one of my favorite.. playful and wishful... unique and amazing...

    1. Thank you Jaskiran for the kind words here

  5. words are our friends. love 'em :)

    1. Absolutely behena... they are our friends...