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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Eskimo Girl

As I pen this down, my fingers tremble, they shiver
I throw the pebbles in the frozen river

Then I see you, you, the eskimo girl
Braving cold and the chilly breeze each day

O! Eskimo Girl, you wear the armor to murder the harsh winds
The armor is pretty; you meticulously don it, but never with the blue ballerinas
I wonder, if those are for summers

We meet each day and talk about the mist
The mist that kisses the earth, sometimes

I ask you for how long the winter would be
You tell me, it is here to stay for a long time

My head hung down in despair
You sense it and ask, what is there that is troubling you, poor boy!

Winter, that is troubling me, it is piercing my very bones
Words from the Eskimo Girl, light the fire of hope and courage in my heart

O! Eskimo Girl, for how long will you be here?
Will you go away when spring knocks the door?

Will I get to see and hear you, more?
I wonder.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where is the Sun?

Where is the sun today? I wonder,
It didn't come up from down under
The east is still sleeping
Is gloomy the word of the day?
You don’t want it that way
The chilly wind and mystical fog
They are clouding your thoughts
But, I know where the sun is
Yes, I do
It is in your heart, it rises from there each day
So, don’t worry if you can’t see the sun
Wherever you’ll go the warmth will follow
The fog will vanish and wind will smile
You have come and my thoughts are getting clear
Because, the sun is here
The sun is right here.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


It stands in front

O! runt

It calls me

Can I destroy your towering height?

Is it my curse? asks me

A new day, a new war

With a new weapon, it kills me today

I wonder if I am alive or just breathing

The song of my life plays in the background

Sounds like cacophony,

I desired a melody

Cacophony is my song, my melody

With open arms I have embraced as it settles in my being

You came and showered me with love and care

Loneliness is round the corner with a crease

Ready to murder the love

I will fight only to lose

As I see you sally out

Who is going to buy me a rose?

A rose that would rest on my beloved grave of hope

I crave

To be loved again

Will you? asks me

My core shouts

As it is left unloved.

Starry Nights with Grandpa

Electricity, it is seldom there

But we never complained

Mosquitos humming the tune

So familiar it is

They conspire to bite me and suck the juice of life

We are on the rooftop under the blanket of stars and clouds

Grandpa, me, my cousins and lots of love

The stars, the moon join us when Grandpa starts the story session

Often, Ursa Major and Minor pay us a visit and we welcome them

Merrily, we all listen to the bedtime stories

Heroes, villains, good, bad and of course ghosts

They all come alive in the starry nights.

The Spring Tanka

The spring skies look at you

and smile

elements of chaos begin to hide

As you joyfully arrive like a white lily

today even the spring sun looks silly.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Letter

You hand over the scroll in my hand

A piece of paper rolled and tied with a red string

You ask me to open it when you are gone

I don’t want you to leave me

Leave me with fond memories of yesterday

I look at the letter, the words are concealed inside

My eyes try to peep in and catch a few words

They fall, incessantly, as I pencil this down

I tell them not to, but they still do

O sister, since you are gone

The chair is empty; no one can fill that place and the one in my heart

As we look for you

But to our dismay, you are not there

What remain are the letter and your heartfelt encouraging words.

I miss you sister.

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Blue Ballerinas

You hop…Carelessly.
Always happy to walk in this defiled world
You are not scared of the dirt and the scattered shit
O! Blue Ballerinas, your curves resemble a smile
Coz they do smile when I look at them
The white stripes on your body are enchanting like a song
Sometimes, I feel they are like the waves of the ocean raging up and down
When those lovely little feet wear you
The Blue Ballerinas come alive
It’s like the wearer has infused her chirpiness and life in you
Has she, I am sure she has…
The cute Blue Ballerinas once met my shin bone
The contact was for a short period of time but a memorable one (ouch!)
The incident is unforgettable for the shin bone, as it fondly recalls the contact.
It was playful in its own sweet way
O! Blue Ballerinas, you will never grow old, you will never wear out
Coz thou shall hop carelessly forever.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Demon of Loss

With each passing day
The bond is getting stronger
And there you are
The Demon of Loss
Olympianly sitting on your throne
The throne made of memories you have snatched
You smile and are ready to snatch ours
Who is our Superman today?
She knows that we cant let go
As soon you will depart
Leaving me here to make a fresh start
Someone must teach me this art
The demon roams here and there with that sugar-infused perpetual smile
I wonder if that would ever fade away
With absolutely nothing to do
She takes the responsibility of tormenting innocent souls
The demon despises us
Hate is eternal for her, as she plots wicked plans with her malign forces
We have to defeat the Demon of Loss
As we determine and clench our fists
She is standing right there to crush us into bits
We fall ten thousand times
But always stand up, brush off the dirt
To fight again
O! The Demon of Loss, you trample us, but our spirit remains undefeated.

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