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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mango Delight

She wonders if I was a mango in my past lifetime

Eternal love for mangoes

Wherever we go I go for mango

The recent visit to a café

I browsed the menu and she knew

I would go for a little mango

The ice-cream man knows that I adore mango like a lover

With puppy eyes I look at the delightful mango treat

Scrumptious, the yellow color magical thing sticks to the stick

Yummy as it melts in my mouth

Play with my tongue and bid goodbye to the gums

Stomach welcomes it as it knows mango is finally home.


To Kill A Grammatical Word

Murder the prepositions
Every noun in town
A pronoun strolling on the streets wearing a negligee,
At times in a gown
The moment I neglect her, she frowns

I often kill a grammatical word
Resulting in raised eyebrows and grins
As if I have committed the gravest of sins
Silly I take out my notebook and pen down
My thoughts, they are fearless
But they fear to come out
and meet the beloved paper
Because I might kill some rules here and some there

Mammoth you rest on my table
My Chicago Manual of Style
I look at you
Thoughts wander, am I boiling in bile?
The tiny font in you will teach me
To save the day
How to take the words and play
Once I master the art
I will start from the start
Prepositions, nouns, pronouns and others
Will become my lovers
And no one will be murdered.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Fallen Heroes

Sound of the bugle


Thundering vehicles

Soldiers march

Their legs rise and fall like a pendulum

Unwavering synchronization

They have bid goodbyes and kisses to loved ones

Motherland needs them more than us

Fueled with hatred for the opposition

March to protect

March to destroy evil

March to serve

But who is the winner?

The bullet shall decide

The number of caskets shall decide

The number of fallen heroes shall decide

Tears of mothers shall decide

Yearning of a widow shall decide.

Note: for

I walk on you

Broken with cracks

Cars, buses and scooters run on you

You endure

And make sure

That we reach where we want to

We snarl and create a fuss

The endless deafening honks, perhaps you are almost deaf now

O I forgot the curse

Still you endure

And make sure

Intelligent morons come and let you taste

What’s in their mouth

But you endure

I wonder what is the cure

Stitch their mouths and let you be pure

O road

You run long and with mind boggling turns

The scorching sun makes you strong

Wish I could feel that pain as you burn

And you endure

I bow to you

For you let me walk and run and jump.

Note: for

prompt: the long and winding road.

Monday, May 28, 2012

O Bully!


I walk

You emerge and stalk

The stick comes handy

you like the sound as it hits my bones

sadistic melody – I name it

the sick symphony you play

O bully

O dear bully

Your sickness inspires many

As you entertain

And my pain becomes certain

Darkness has engulfed your heart

For you bullying is an art

Each time you come with tools

And make a fresh start

Fleshless I stand

Like an exhibit with wounds at display

Inflicted injuries are here to stay

I plead I beg but you fail to hear

Perhaps it is boiling wax in your ears

Deaf you stand and continue to practice your art

O bully

O dear bully

Hope I have satisfied that sick heart of yours.

Note: I am against bullying in school and college… was once a victim for being skinny… this is for

Prompt: Bully

Life worth Loving

Grumble and moan

this heart, well a massive stone

situations get worse as I taste defeat


for me life might be a bitter treat today

but tomorrow stands right there

ready to become my today

pushed down a hundred times

I will get up, brush the dirt off

clench the fists

to fight again

with renewed vigor and determination

because it is my life

I choose and not left to be chosen.

Note: for One Single Impression (

prompt - In love with life

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Haiku for Grace May 26, 2012

Calm like a mother
you taught me this enchanting art
my haiku mother.

(I dedicate this haiku to you Grace for you have taught me and at times corrected my haiku. I have never seen you but I know that we have a heart-to-heart bond like a mother and son.)

Joyous Haiku May 26, 2012

Sparkling eyes
as she looks at me
this is joy.

(for my dear niece Aarshia.)

The phone rings
happy news pour out
this is joy.

(for Shikha and Chunnu)

This heart is happy
her heart is all sunny now
this is joy for me.

(For Chunnu, the bravest kid I know.)

Meeting you
after a day's gap
absolute delight.

(for a great friend.)

She roams carelessly
as I watch her upbeat walk
blissful love.

(for the most beautiful girl I know.)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Liquid Life

The liquid boiled and gushed inside, its warm you know that
Flows ceaselessly, feeding every part
From dick to heart
Always finding ways to come out
To tell its story
Every time a new one
Creating a masterpiece, wherever it landed
Deep red, embracing the surface
Making them its own
It was yours always but
Now you are losing it
Drop by drop
It is not your slave anymore
Free. Out of your treacherous body
Leaving you cold and pale


We gather and share

What’s in our core

Love. Hate. Disgust. Joy. More.

Armed with words we give life to varied emotions

They all come alive and dance like little kids around us

We gaze and smile to the sight

This is us

As we celebrate each day, each moment with words

She rightly says, “We are the children of raw words.”

Fearless and undaunted, we carve our path in this tarnished world

This is Us and we create with words and syllables

Haiku or Tanka or free style

Our pens will run for miles and miles.

Her Twinkling eyes and gym goes for a toss

Her tiny fingers would make an effort

And pull my t-shirt

“Chachu can I come with you to the gym?” candidly she asks

I look down

O those twinkling eyes

Crystal clear with hopes

“Nah” I put down her desire

This heart aches

You’re my little angel and gym is not your place

“I would rather sit on the bench and watch you flex those piddly muscles”

“Do you have a pink or white car?”

“We can go in your pink car”

“Darling, I don’t have a pink car”

“Ok, then we can walk and go there”

O my determined angel, you won’t give up

The way she talks, makes me forget

That I have to take care of my shoulders and do a little cardio today

But I guess I can miss the cardio

And forget about the shoulder today

My little angel your twinkling eyes

make me forget my dream to become Bruce Lee


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fire Haiku May 22, 2012

falls majestically
in the room.

You look around
that thing is missing
matchbox, lighter.

You find it
The husband's lighter
a quick recap.

The drapery falls
you struggle to ignite the past
the fingers tremble.

Yellow shade of the flame
dances calmly on the lighter
you stare for awhile.

Fingers let it slip
gasoline embrace it, wholeheartedly
the drapery burns.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Frog Haiku May 22, 2012

Like a frog he rests
the fan rotates furiously
he continues to sweat.

Tools sharpened
for the grand ceremony
the dissection.

Slowly sliced
piece by piece by him
blood, sweat unite.

(This haiku series is my tribute to the best death metal band on planet earth - Cannibal Corpse.)

Monday, May 21, 2012

This Haiku Pines May 21, 2012

More than a year now
and still the core pines for love
I sit here, unloved, undone.

Emptiness dulls it
beating core sounds mechanical
"you must emerge" it calls.

Love the unloved
pump in life and make it alive
the pining disappears.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Prettiest You

Bam! I am on the floor
Not a single drop of blood

Nose is in its place
Perhaps the heart is wounded

Armed to teeth you emerge
Like a superhero
Like a ten ton hammer

And land right on the chest cavity

Prettiest you stand in front
The guards go down
Weirdly I smile and let the world frown

When you came
All my talks soaked in wisdom become lame
Is it love or what?
Can someone name this game?

Prettiest you stand in front
I fumble
Walk and stumble
You notice and smile
The smile O the smile
I waited for it all this while

Ten ton hammer
I fondly call you
Coz you crush my soul
Leave me wounded
But these wounds I adore
As it cures
And it cures

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Forced Haiku May 11, 2012

Empty page in front
the metronomic cursor blinks
uninspired I stare

Uninspired I stare
and starts to rub the forehead
words take a plunge. Drowned.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Peeping Tom

The man who stares
With or without glares
A person O! So rare
Molests with care
Don't you dare!
You shall die in scare.


I hate when you seep in
You are unwanted here
I desired you once
But, not anymore
You are knocking and banging
I can hear your lustrous cries
Patiently you wait
You know I'll let you in
I think it is not going to happen
You try and peep in
Discover a weak spot
Only to attack it
I give in, only to succumb

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fresh Air

I am sitting inside my container of ideals.
It is vaccum packed and I am gasping for breath.
Religiously giving every ounce of being to them.
You came and opened the lid.
Fresh air and your smell merged with the vaccum.
I have never felt something like this.
This feeling, you tell me was always there.
I am amazed, overwhelmed by this.
That sudden rush of air pumped itself in.

He who purifies you

Your sky caves in

The one over you is gone

As the Prince of Darkness descends

Death hovers

Drones come to attack

He arrives olympianly

Kneel down! Kneel down!

He who commands you

And demands you

to become his disciple

For he who will give you solace

Sooth the beating agony in your chest

Put it to rest


Embrace the darkness within

Embrace the he

The seed of darkness he sows

And let your heart to decay

Embrace the he

As the blackened heart

Pump in hate in every cell

Embrace the he

The he who carves your supreme existence

As you trample humanity

Crush the limbs of those little ones

With bare hands

The barbaric sacrifice

As you take the blood of the little ones

Taste it

Drink it in one go

Gulp every drop of life

Your blood merges with it

He stands there and smile

He who has purified you.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Hour Haiku May 5, 2012

On death bed
calmly you lay and
stare and embrace

The last hour
brings the buried faces
can you name?

The last hour
arrives and you reflect back
on your actions

you recollect the pieces

The karma puzzle
you put the pieces for hereafter
and the next lifetime.

Haiku May 4, 2012

You smile
face feigns perfectly
and the eyes?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Haiku for my dearest friend May 2, 2012

It aches and longs for
her words as warm as sunlight
tomorrow seems endless

Tomorrow seems endless
empty coffee cups will share
the pain with the world

earphones come alive
I will not love them
no, not today.