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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Liquid Life

The liquid boiled and gushed inside, its warm you know that
Flows ceaselessly, feeding every part
From dick to heart
Always finding ways to come out
To tell its story
Every time a new one
Creating a masterpiece, wherever it landed
Deep red, embracing the surface
Making them its own
It was yours always but
Now you are losing it
Drop by drop
It is not your slave anymore
Free. Out of your treacherous body
Leaving you cold and pale


  1. Uber-interesting. Amazin way to describe something that's very basic. That's why they say, lose it for a purpose. Donate blood every three months :)

    1. Indeed the best way to lose blood is donating it to someone who needs it desperately. Thanks for liking it!~

  2. yikes...dont lose too much or you will be in a sorry state you know...smiles...and what will freed blood do other than dry up apart from us?

    1. Hey Brian, this thought came when I was thinking of all the bad people who kill others for pleasure. Don't you think the blood running in their bodies die to leave their treacherous body?

  3. Wow. This makes you wonder what thoughts do go around in a person's mind as they are bleeding, losing that life source. Great post.

  4. oh heck...the liquid of life...don't wanna lose to much of it...yet there flows some of it in from pen to paper you know...smiles

  5. oh-this is creepy-I like that the blood tells a story, creates a masterpiece-even if the hints about the way it was forced out are rather ominous.