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Thursday, July 19, 2012

She Drums to Live

Her naked foot taps the bass drum

As she prepares to play Lateralus by the mighty Tool

Melody meets my ear drums

The first note and my body witnesses a sudden rush

Like an eargasm

She and her drum kit are one

And when she plays, it is like she is making love to it

I adore the way she smiles and occasionally hum the lyrics

O Meytal Cohen! You are like metal goddess behind the drum set

Churning out delightful covers for me

My soul is drenched as her playing is divinity

Her hair sways and covers her face but dare she misses a beat

The banner behind her reads

“Live Well. Love Much. Laugh Often.”

Clearly defining her ways to live life

Wish I could play someday with you

This ardent desire lives in my heart

One day. One day.

For Meytal Cohen

her covers I adore - 3 Libras and Lateralus

Photo courtesy - Myspace


  1. A beautiful dedication. hope your wish comes true.. and wish she reads this...

  2. Oh this one is nice.. Pure reverence..

  3. truly reveals her passionate drumming! bravo!