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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Burial of his Dead Heart

All attempts have failed to revive
It is not ready to strive
Pounding hearts witness brutality live
Someone they know is left bleeding
Hungry dogs got a nice feeding
The owner of the heart
Knew from the start
But he got stuck in the whirlpool
And look what is left
Shreds of love and care
Strewn here and there
A clear sign of a savage massacre
Now it is time for the holy burial
The priest has come for the ceremony
He raised his hand to declare his supremacy
“We have gathered for the burial of his dead heart”
The crowd nodded
Bereft of hope they have accepted the unaccepted
“Now I shall read some false beliefs from the book of love quotes” he grins
“I want a pair of slaughtered dove to mark the end of what they called love” he ordered
The grand ceremony concluded
Now hatred shall prevail
Let it consume your hearts
Let it blacken it
Let it feel the hatred
Love doesn’t live here anymore
As it rests six feet under.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Moonlight, Stars and You

her face shines
she admires the beauty of that white ball
up in the sky
like a little child
like a little angel
myriad gleaming things surround the white ball
as if they are displaying a beautiful show for you
merrily you count them and childishly ask
if you can have two of them
I look at them and tell them to come to you
they come down and she gives them lovely names
one is joy and other is love
delightful they rest on her palms
O the moonlight, stars and her.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Wisdom Haiku June 18, 2012

The sun hides behind
I grab my black umbrella
mighty droplets fall.


Muddy thoughts and chaos
I sit down with my palms joined
altar of wisdom.

Unrequited Love

The world halts and vanishes for him

As you arrive

Slow motion

In fact no commotion

The lady in blue

Behind you

Vanishes in an instant

Confirming the aforementioned statement

He adores you

You sit there with no clue

They say unrequited love is the purest

But fail to complete that it won’t ever manifest

Your heart is killed and brought back to life

A million times, each and every day

He is hoping against hope

His heart hanging from the rope

What he doesn’t want to hear is ‘Nope’

I met him yesterday

Busy making her sculptor with clay

And tells me, “now she is here to stay”

My core aches to see him

Giving up on someone who might adore him

Love is a two way process

I tell him to get out of this mess

He is busy crafting her sculptor

Unaware that his core has a little rupture

As blood of his emotions continue to roll down

She is there


I wonder how to end this

On a happy note

With two lovers entwining fingers

Or on a deplorable one

with a bleeding heart and dead hope.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kreative Blogger Award

It was an ordinary day and I was checking my blog, reading comments on my latest post Lock Haiku Take 2, little I knew that a pleasant surprise was waiting for me. Pranita who has a lovely blog, Miracles Happen nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award. I am truly honored Pranita.

This is my first blog award and certainly holds a special place in my heart. Now it is my turn to appreciate and honor some of my fellow bloggers who have touched my soul through their writing and photography.

The rules of accepting this award are as follows:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you!

2. Share ten little known things about yourself.

3. Nominate six other bloggers for the award and inform them of their win... Fun!

Ten little known things about Tarun Mazumdar:

1. He loves winter more than summer (strictly not because of his love for black metal).

2. He is planning to have a mango style wedding.

3. He loves to eat and eat and eat. He seldom experiences foodogasm but when he does....

4. He loves poetry and his alter ego loves to create sadist poems (absolutely fictional).

5. He loves to hit the gym and work out.

6. He wants to become Bruce Lee.

7. He thinks Hatebreed is the best band for gyms.

8. He can spend 30 grands for one show of Cannibal Corpse.

9. He worships Cannibal Corpse.

10. He loves to cook and spaghetti in olive oil is his specialty.

The tough part has finally come. I need to nominate six great bloggers who have blown my mind in the recent past. Damn! this is tough...

so there you go

1. Jaskiran

2. Shikha

3. Grace

4. Magical Mystical Teacher

5. Leo

6. A walk in my heart


Ordinary Haiku, June 10, 2012

Pickle jar, sunshine

Oil, salt and vegetables

Ordinary day

(my granny used to love making pickles for us, this is for her)

Ordinary day

She comes, fine ballerinas

Summer becomes spring.

(Summer in Delhi is unbearable, uncomfortably hot but when she comes my summer becomes spring. This is for the most beautiful girl I know.)

Haiku Heights and Haiku my Heart

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Her halcyon face brings a smile on my face,

Melancholy, no! not even a trace.

This one is untitled

As I wonder what to name it, maybe ‘Exulted’,

Harking back to the initial thought

Damn! I always forget, mumma says, “tie a knot”.

You will remember what you thought

I just grabbed it, it just got caught

Cries my thought

Halcyon face brimming with joy

I am going weak at the knees, O boy.

Her brown eyes snatches life away

I look into them

So peaceful, so serene

O eyes, you are mean

It makes me dream

Like Benson’s solo absolutely smooth and clean

But wait, I have peeped into them

I can see my life ebbing away

Who is to blame? Are you going to take the claim?

Take it,

Now I don’t care

I wish to stare as the drummer hits the snare

You stand there and enjoy the finger popping tune

Someone asks the name of the song

We call it ‘Sand Dune’.

Harking back yet again to the initial thought

I wonder why I get lost

Someday it is going to cost

O you when will I reveal?

That my heart is steal

Should be stolen but who cares

Until it is rhyming the Nash way

The forgotten thought I missed you again

My girl, when will I reveal

The thoughts and what I feel

They say, “One day my friend, one day.”

This one’s silly because everything’s blur

As you read you might find her

Hidden in the words

Chirping like tiny birds.

dVerse open link night

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lock Haiku Take 2, June 03, 2012

The same melody
but our mood is different
a new key today

A new key today
as it uplifts our spirits
ah! new melody

Ah! new melody
lyrics don brand new clothes
new parts, unlocked.

for: and (Haiku my heart)
prompt: lock

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Haiku June 02, 2012

You came to unlock
metamorphosis began
the new I stand here.

(For a very dear person in my life, thank you so much.)

You enter inside
I turn you repeatedly
wrong keys and failure.

(Happens all the time.)

for: and (also known as Haiku my heart)
prompt: Lock