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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fire Haiku May 22, 2012

falls majestically
in the room.

You look around
that thing is missing
matchbox, lighter.

You find it
The husband's lighter
a quick recap.

The drapery falls
you struggle to ignite the past
the fingers tremble.

Yellow shade of the flame
dances calmly on the lighter
you stare for awhile.

Fingers let it slip
gasoline embrace it, wholeheartedly
the drapery burns.


  1. your imagination here is wild like fire in a forest. its amazing how you have given new angles to this element.. no wonders you are growing as a poet in with your words and thoughts..

  2. this one leaves a lot to imagination, like leaving the reader at tenterhooks.. so many possibilities, such rawness. Awesome one.

  3. You've caught that moment of truth right when it happens, and omitting what came before and what comes after makes that moment all the more powerful in its own right.

  4. ha...i like the kinda pause there and realizing you dont have a match then picking right back then letting go....

  5. evokes the talking heads singing burning down the house....