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Monday, May 28, 2012

O Bully!


I walk

You emerge and stalk

The stick comes handy

you like the sound as it hits my bones

sadistic melody – I name it

the sick symphony you play

O bully

O dear bully

Your sickness inspires many

As you entertain

And my pain becomes certain

Darkness has engulfed your heart

For you bullying is an art

Each time you come with tools

And make a fresh start

Fleshless I stand

Like an exhibit with wounds at display

Inflicted injuries are here to stay

I plead I beg but you fail to hear

Perhaps it is boiling wax in your ears

Deaf you stand and continue to practice your art

O bully

O dear bully

Hope I have satisfied that sick heart of yours.

Note: I am against bullying in school and college… was once a victim for being skinny… this is for

Prompt: Bully


  1. its amazing... bullying indeed is a shameful act. but your poem is something you should be proud of.. wonderfully said....

    1. ya indeed it is a shame... anyway thanks a lot

  2. Hmmm... This is wrenching, a perfect take on another malpractice. Good to see you sharing it here, great composition :)

  3. You have really done a good job of addressing the bully! Nice to see you here on Poetry Jam.

  4. Bullies really do have sick hearts. You capture it well here. Good to see you at Poetry Jam. Write on.