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Saturday, May 5, 2012

He who purifies you

Your sky caves in

The one over you is gone

As the Prince of Darkness descends

Death hovers

Drones come to attack

He arrives olympianly

Kneel down! Kneel down!

He who commands you

And demands you

to become his disciple

For he who will give you solace

Sooth the beating agony in your chest

Put it to rest


Embrace the darkness within

Embrace the he

The seed of darkness he sows

And let your heart to decay

Embrace the he

As the blackened heart

Pump in hate in every cell

Embrace the he

The he who carves your supreme existence

As you trample humanity

Crush the limbs of those little ones

With bare hands

The barbaric sacrifice

As you take the blood of the little ones

Taste it

Drink it in one go

Gulp every drop of life

Your blood merges with it

He stands there and smile

He who has purified you.

1 comment:

  1. Uffffffffff...Felt as if I stepped into a cave of a of U.