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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Her Twinkling eyes and gym goes for a toss

Her tiny fingers would make an effort

And pull my t-shirt

“Chachu can I come with you to the gym?” candidly she asks

I look down

O those twinkling eyes

Crystal clear with hopes

“Nah” I put down her desire

This heart aches

You’re my little angel and gym is not your place

“I would rather sit on the bench and watch you flex those piddly muscles”

“Do you have a pink or white car?”

“We can go in your pink car”

“Darling, I don’t have a pink car”

“Ok, then we can walk and go there”

O my determined angel, you won’t give up

The way she talks, makes me forget

That I have to take care of my shoulders and do a little cardio today

But I guess I can miss the cardio

And forget about the shoulder today

My little angel your twinkling eyes

make me forget my dream to become Bruce Lee



  1. adorable.....:)........ bound to make one smile

  2. Oh this is innocence sprinkled via words. I love this, simply love this!