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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dolphins Fly and Sharks Attack

I will give you wings
and you can emerge from the waters

But to my utter surprise
you do slit the thin sheet of film that envelopes the ocean
and fly

You gather the strength within
and leap
the flight is short lived as gravity takes over

But ah! Your flight excites me
asks me, challenges me
I wonder if I can fly like you

The pool in my backyard is my ocean today
and I am its sole dolphin
Black-clad I, all set to fly
Wife wonders who am I
Is it the role play thing that we always try?

My ocean-like pool and I become one
I jump and leap and jump and leap until I am done
minutes later
the water starts to change its color

I cry out loud with pain

Black-clad she attacks

Ah! Silly I forgot

She is the shark of her pool.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

She Drums to Live

Her naked foot taps the bass drum

As she prepares to play Lateralus by the mighty Tool

Melody meets my ear drums

The first note and my body witnesses a sudden rush

Like an eargasm

She and her drum kit are one

And when she plays, it is like she is making love to it

I adore the way she smiles and occasionally hum the lyrics

O Meytal Cohen! You are like metal goddess behind the drum set

Churning out delightful covers for me

My soul is drenched as her playing is divinity

Her hair sways and covers her face but dare she misses a beat

The banner behind her reads

“Live Well. Love Much. Laugh Often.”

Clearly defining her ways to live life

Wish I could play someday with you

This ardent desire lives in my heart

One day. One day.

For Meytal Cohen

her covers I adore - 3 Libras and Lateralus

Photo courtesy - Myspace

Ruins of my Phantom City

I curse myself for building it
with these bare hands
The Phantom City
It was massive and all pretty
adorned with jewels of a wide variety
but today I stand and gaze over
over the ruins of what I once built

My City
I thought it was eternal
Ah! the foolish me
It was just an illusion
always waiting to fade away
in this thin air that engulfs me

The ruins lay scattered with fond memories of yesterday
I pick up a few pieces and they shout
"Destroy to Create!"
I must destroy the wrongs
the evil within me
and begin a new life, a new city
That will be my Eternal City.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Vital Haiku July 9, 2012

The sun outlines them
they talk about life and more
love picture perfect.

Photograph by Tarun Mazumdar
for: Haiku Heights and Haiku my Heart

Hills and Us - Part 1 (Kasauli and Shimla)

With eyes half opened I looked for my phone, it was there sleeping under my pillow. It was 10:08 am and I expected their voices in my ears but they are nowhere to be found. As I look up, I see the ceiling fan moving tirelessly doing its job, but the air is anything but cold. Quickly I realize that I am not in Shimla, the air here is hot and it is not mine. My heart resides there in the lap of hills, I know it.

July 4, 2012
The day I will never forget, the day we began our journey for Kasauli and Shimla.
The phone starts to ring and it’s her.
“Where are you? We are waiting for you near Lajpat Nagar metro station. Come fast.” I could sense joy and urgency in her voice. Hurriedly, I responded that I am on my way. After sharing departing pleasantries with mummy and daddy, I left. Mercury is hovering around 42 degrees Celsius, and Delhi is boiling but I know a pleasant weather awaits us.
I board the rickshaw that will take me to Lajpat Nagar Metro Station. The pace of my vehicle is slow but I am not complaining. The Alto car is waiting with the parking lights on. I could see my friends inside from a distance and I know that very soon we will be off for a great trip.
With my red bag I get down from the rickshaw and pay him for his excellent services. She looks at me and the red bag and a string of lively giggles follow. Jaskiran, Shikha, Harmeet and Varun are present inside and I quickly grab my seat and we start to talk about what’s in store. The faces are brimming with joy as the much awaited trip is happening. At 10:30 pm, TJ aka Raj aka Thyagaraju arrives in the car that will take us to Kasauli and Shimla. The car is cozy and we start to load the car with our backpacks and suitcases. Our driver is not all that great as the man is a jerk.
Night is in its full bloom but stars are nowhere to see thanks to pollution. At 11:45 pm we are at Sukhdev dhaba (heaven for Jainis and vegetarians) on NH 1. We order three different kinds of paranthas, plain, aloo and pudina, though the last one looks and tastes disappointing. A great stop if you are going to Chandigarh or Shimla, the parathas come with a generous serving of white butter and goes well with achaar or pickle.
We start our journey bidding good bye to Sukhdev dhaba. John Mayer and others are with us as their songs make our journey all the more pleasant.
We are still on the plains and hills are far away. The series Hills and Us will continue. Happy reading!

Photograph by Tarun Mazumdar

Sunday, July 1, 2012