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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Prettiest You

Bam! I am on the floor
Not a single drop of blood

Nose is in its place
Perhaps the heart is wounded

Armed to teeth you emerge
Like a superhero
Like a ten ton hammer

And land right on the chest cavity

Prettiest you stand in front
The guards go down
Weirdly I smile and let the world frown

When you came
All my talks soaked in wisdom become lame
Is it love or what?
Can someone name this game?

Prettiest you stand in front
I fumble
Walk and stumble
You notice and smile
The smile O the smile
I waited for it all this while

Ten ton hammer
I fondly call you
Coz you crush my soul
Leave me wounded
But these wounds I adore
As it cures
And it cures


  1. Wonderful. I totally love this one. The best of all you've ever written.

    1. Thanks a lot Shikha means a lot to me

  2. its the epitome of cheesy in good way of course... wish the gal knew for who this is meant to be.... sighs... its an adorable creation.. full on 20ton romeo kinds...

    1. surpasses all a girl would want a guy to say to her...super awesome..m waiting for some one to write something so from the bottom of the heart.... :)

    2. Thank you so much Mishthy... cheers!