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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Her halcyon face brings a smile on my face,

Melancholy, no! not even a trace.

This one is untitled

As I wonder what to name it, maybe ‘Exulted’,

Harking back to the initial thought

Damn! I always forget, mumma says, “tie a knot”.

You will remember what you thought

I just grabbed it, it just got caught

Cries my thought

Halcyon face brimming with joy

I am going weak at the knees, O boy.

Her brown eyes snatches life away

I look into them

So peaceful, so serene

O eyes, you are mean

It makes me dream

Like Benson’s solo absolutely smooth and clean

But wait, I have peeped into them

I can see my life ebbing away

Who is to blame? Are you going to take the claim?

Take it,

Now I don’t care

I wish to stare as the drummer hits the snare

You stand there and enjoy the finger popping tune

Someone asks the name of the song

We call it ‘Sand Dune’.

Harking back yet again to the initial thought

I wonder why I get lost

Someday it is going to cost

O you when will I reveal?

That my heart is steal

Should be stolen but who cares

Until it is rhyming the Nash way

The forgotten thought I missed you again

My girl, when will I reveal

The thoughts and what I feel

They say, “One day my friend, one day.”

This one’s silly because everything’s blur

As you read you might find her

Hidden in the words

Chirping like tiny birds.

dVerse open link night


  1. can get easily lost in the eyes of someone..and you will surely know when the right time to reveal it to her has come..a tender write tarun..

  2. lovely...this one is....i can see how mesmerized and dazed you are due to her presence.... adorable this is...

  3. smiles...the time will be right when it is right and i imagine you will know when that time is....lovely visuals...the eyes say much ....

  4. It's so beautiful that it can make anyone fall in love. It mesmerizes, shines, and leaves the reader in an aura of love. Wonderful, I love it.

  5. My goodness, Tarun, you have a poet's aura. I tip my hat to your talent. Your imagery is keen on describing what love is and is not. I also enjoyed the abstract rhyme pattern. Nice touch, if that was intentional.

    My first time here and I want to see more and more and more. You have a new follower.

  6. Thank you all... Thank you so much!