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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Starry Nights with Grandpa

Electricity, it is seldom there

But we never complained

Mosquitos humming the tune

So familiar it is

They conspire to bite me and suck the juice of life

We are on the rooftop under the blanket of stars and clouds

Grandpa, me, my cousins and lots of love

The stars, the moon join us when Grandpa starts the story session

Often, Ursa Major and Minor pay us a visit and we welcome them

Merrily, we all listen to the bedtime stories

Heroes, villains, good, bad and of course ghosts

They all come alive in the starry nights.


  1. Can we ask for something more than the peace that spreads under a starlit sky? No. It's very simply worded, and that's a strength, simplicity. Thumbs up.

  2. this one is beautiful n reminds me of old days....this indeed is really beautiful

  3. Glad that the post inspired memories of your grandfather!