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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Demon of Loss

With each passing day
The bond is getting stronger
And there you are
The Demon of Loss
Olympianly sitting on your throne
The throne made of memories you have snatched
You smile and are ready to snatch ours
Who is our Superman today?
She knows that we cant let go
As soon you will depart
Leaving me here to make a fresh start
Someone must teach me this art
The demon roams here and there with that sugar-infused perpetual smile
I wonder if that would ever fade away
With absolutely nothing to do
She takes the responsibility of tormenting innocent souls
The demon despises us
Hate is eternal for her, as she plots wicked plans with her malign forces
We have to defeat the Demon of Loss
As we determine and clench our fists
She is standing right there to crush us into bits
We fall ten thousand times
But always stand up, brush off the dirt
To fight again
O! The Demon of Loss, you trample us, but our spirit remains undefeated.

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