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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ruins of my Phantom City

I curse myself for building it
with these bare hands
The Phantom City
It was massive and all pretty
adorned with jewels of a wide variety
but today I stand and gaze over
over the ruins of what I once built

My City
I thought it was eternal
Ah! the foolish me
It was just an illusion
always waiting to fade away
in this thin air that engulfs me

The ruins lay scattered with fond memories of yesterday
I pick up a few pieces and they shout
"Destroy to Create!"
I must destroy the wrongs
the evil within me
and begin a new life, a new city
That will be my Eternal City.


  1. the last verse is amazing... quite inspiring. great work this :)

  2. like the tower card of tarot... a new life cannot be built on existing flawed structure - well said, I like the poem

  3. some nice spiritual truth in this...told creatively...we all build those cities or monuments to ourselves..and to reach the eternal must leave them...

  4. I like the turn from Phantom to Eternal City ~ We do learn in time how some things can all be an illusion ~

  5. You know it is interesting that so many Indian Gods who are protectors are also destroyers - getting rid of illusion etc. Interesting poem. k.

  6. Interesting and yes we all would like to rebuild sometimes....

  7. Interesting. I like this poem.

  8. destroy to create..sometimes that's the only way..and out of ruins have been built the most fab. things...just think of antoni gaudi who used crashed ceramic pieces to build pure beauty..

  9. this feels like the beach
    making things which are washed away
    in the eternal pulse of the ocean